Pleasurable Fine Dining At Home

At these times dining out is a fairly complicated task, especially in California. Restaurants are either closed, have limited capacity or guests are forced to eat outdoors. Some places have disconcerting restrictions such as one person per table. For the restaurants that are open, food take-out is still an inconvenience. However now there's an alternative, you can still enjoy the pleasure of fine dining at the comfort of your own home. Chef Jacques Zagouri (Chef Jac) can offer more than just providing fine food. His team can bring the full dining experience to you.
Catering meal prepared in October 2020

Fine Food

Chef Jac offers a wide variety of cuisine . Choose from many popular full course meals some include popular French dishes, European, Mid-eastern to American Continental. Selective appetizers, desserts and beverages available as well. Let the professional chef provide the proper consultation which suits the taste buds of you and your guests.


Fine dining and catering is not complete without a sensual atmosphere. Chef Jac provides consulting with the setting, lighting, linens, table arrangements, plates, cutlery and glassware along with music recommendations.


Each course can be presented and served in timely fashion. For group events, it is more appropriate to provide service tables for specific items.


For dining for two up to 10 guests. First step is to consult Chef Jacques Zagouri. He will discuss the type of dining experience you wish to achieve and provide his expertise recommendations. Then decide whether you want Pick-Up, Delivery or Private dining catering.

After booking your event, fresh produce and food items will be purchased prior to your event. Near your scheduled event, the meal is cooked and prepared and you can decide whether to pick it up yourself or have it delivered in containers. For private catering see the example itinerary below.
Chef Jac is an expert of finding the finest produce
Fine wine

Example Itinerary for Fine Dining Catering

If you prefer to enjoy full service private dining, here is an example itinerary. Upon arrival, Chef Jac and his team shall take all necessary precautions during the Covid 19 restrictions.
  1. Arrive at your location approximately 1 to 2 hours prior to scheduled dining time.
  2. Dining items will be set
  3. Final food preparation
  4. Presentation
  5. Dining Begins as each course will be presented and served in a timely fashion
  6. Clean up

The full dining experience of small groups of less than 10 usually lasts 90 to 120 minutes. Let Chef Jac provide your next wonderful meal while you relax and savor the moment.
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