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Will the in-door dining experience be changed forever?

Although a Covid 19 vaccine is now in the process of being distributed throughout the country and world, consumer confident may take some time to heal. Restaurants should not expect customers to flock back into in-door dining. However, we may see a trickle, a stream of customers anxious to get away from home. Will the in-door dining experience be changed forever? Perhaps, while restrictions are effective during this pandemic, some protocols may remain and forever change the dining experience. According to many media sources, here is what to expect.

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Sanitary Measures

From door handles, to menus, to tables to silverware, many items are usually touched by bare hands between consumers and servers. This is where restaurants may provide alternative ways to reduce and alleviate chance of contact transfer.

We may see self-sanitizing tables and chairs. Although this may sound a bit tecky, a simple low budget work-around is providing sanitizing spray at every dining table,

Expect to see packaged silverware or disposable forks, knives and spoons. Our planet doesn’t need anymore plastic! So let’s go with the packaged silverware. Machines can perform the packaging immediate after they have completed the wash and dry cycle. This can become an outsourced process offered through vendor companies. Silverware can be delivered pre-packaged on a daily basis and must be sealed and labelled as “Sanitized by x company.”

Contactless doors

Proximity detection sliding doors is an expensive upgrade but most high end restaurants can surely afford this upgrade. Swinging doors automated doors for restroom can also be modified for proximity activation. Waving your hand in front of a sensor is probably the most efficient method.

Host/Server Protocols

Servers will most likely need to wear masks and gloves while coordinating with guests along with handling of food and beverages. Other step by step procedures may also be regulated by the restaurant.

Contactless payment

Apple Pay, Google Pay has been here for several years now, it just makes logical sense that more people should use these methods. Online payment gateways are another possible method. Restaurants or 3rd party sources can provide a website where consumers can pay using their phone manually. This could mean no more cash tipping as well.

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Distancing - Scheduling

In the future, I see distancing as a subjective matter for restaurants. Tables can be set further apart. While this may have an impact to fast foods or busy family changed restaurants that rely on volume, there are ways to alleviate it. When restaurants reach maximum capacity allowed, they can influence to schedule reservations, optional dining outdoors and boost take-out or in-car dining. Since many people are working from home, it only makes sense that they have more time to dine at more random hours, right?

Legal protection for workers

Servers, cooks, bartenders and hosts all need to be protected. We may see new liability policies protecting workers from transmitted viruses and diseases. These such policies may become implemented throughout other types of employment positions which requires the coordination of people services.
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